Retro Video Game of the Day: Remote Control

March 9, 2020

“Kenny wasn’t like the other kids.
TV mattered, nothing else did.
The girls said "yes," but he said "Noooooo"
Now he's got his own game show!”

It’s his basement, his rules, and his game show. The quizmaster of 72 Whooping Cough Lane, Ken Ober!

Remote Control was a TV game show that ran on MTV for five seasons from 1987 until 1990. It was MTV's first original non-musical program, and first game show.

Three contestants answered trivia questions on movies, music, and television, many of which were presented in skit format.

Remote Control was hosted by Ken Ober and featured Colin Quinn as the announcer/sidekick. John Ten Eyck played several walk-on parts, joined in later seasons by Adam Sandler, Denis Leary, and Roger Kabler.




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