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Retro Video Game of the Day: Wall Street Kid

Did you know Yuppies in the 1980s had their own video game? Released in 1989 for the NES, the Wall Street Kid must prove himself worthy of a $600 BILLION DOLLAR inheritance by taking $500,000 in seed money and turning it into $1M. The Wall Street Kid does this by investing in the stock market while reaping the rewards of his earnings by going shopping and buying expensive investments like houses and cars. The Kid is even encouraged to spoil his girlfriend by taking her on dates.

The names of the companies listed on the “stock market” in the Wall Street Kid are tongue-in-cheek nods to actual companies. The game ends if a player is unable to raise the money needed for critical items like boats or homes, causing the Kid to be disowned by his family. Let that last sentence sink in. DISOWNED BY HIS FAMILY. The game was originally released in Japan as “The Money Game 2: The Miracle of Kabutochou”, a sequel to “The Money Game.”

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