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Retro Video Game of the Day: Totally Rad

Released for the NES on March 29, 1991, Totally Rad follows the story of Jake, an apprentice magician working for Zebediah Pong. ⁣ He is training when some strange people attack and kidnap his girlfriend, Allison. ⁣ Jake goes on a quest to find out where they came from and why they wanted Allison. ⁣ Afterwards, Jake discovers Allison's kidnapping was a feint to force Allison's father, a renowned scientist, out of hiding. ⁣ Jake must not only save Allison's father, but ultimately battle an evil king who plans to lead a subterranean army in a battle against the people of Jake's world. ⁣

The instruction manual for Totally Rad is filled with surfer lingo, in addition to comical picture breaks and comments about the author's "babe" and how attractive she looks in the picture in the instructions. ⁣ In Japan, the game was titled Magic John. ⁣

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