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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mario Kart 64!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mario Kart 64! Released February 10, 1997. Here are few random facts about the beloved game. Bananas are avoidable hazards: I’s possible to prevent spin-outs? If you hear your wheels start to squeak, use the brake (B Button) to negate the slipping rather than continue driving. A music note will appear above your character's head to indicate you were successful. Kamek was going to be a playable character: A blue-robed wizard was in the game's beta version in the slot that would later be given to Donkey Kong. And finally, invincibility lasts longer in Mario Kart 64 than in any other series title. Who was your favorite racer? What was your favorite course? Share your favorite Mario Kart 64 memories in the comments!

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