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Clean up your Blurry Picture with these Tips!

A little birdy told me you wanted to play your favorite retro games again. What's that you're saying? It doesn't look anything like you remember? Hmmm... Let me show you a few things to help clean that up.

Our Classiq 2 HD plays your NES and SNES games in upscaled 720p HD! This should clean up your image quite a bit from using the standard RCA cables included with those retro favorites.

How about the other AV systems you have laying around? We have a solution for that as well. Now, please note this is no replacement for a Framemeister our AV to HDMI converter will clean up your standard definition signal quite a bit popping the colors and smoothing out the blur. You can also bypass the pain in the butt of not even having AV ports on a modern TV with this. AV cables go in and HDMI cables go out. Nifty!

Check out the shop for all of these awesome products and more! If you're looking to go from HDMI to AV we have that too ;)

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