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Pro Gamer Series (PGS)

Say hello to the newest addition to the Old Skool Pro Gamer Series!

We started out with the SNES Pro Gamer Series which has had nothing but positive reviews from our customers! Sticking with the big N's tried and true design choices worked fastastically.

For the PGS NES controller we took a different route...


As you can see, this controller evokes the same sense of nostalgia the original does. From the color choice, concave buttons, and classic gray bars across the face of the controller it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling at first glance.

But waaaaaait a minute! Its curved at the top? Why would anyone do that?! The answer is simple. I never liked the sharp edges cutting into my index fingers when I made those tough jumps in Mario. I could never find a way to comfortably hold the darn thing. This redesign fixes that issue without compromising the retro feel! I also added a slight thickness to the top of the controller and a thinner bottom emulating the SNES controller which is my personal favorite right behind the Switch Pro controller.

Pick one up and check it out for yourself and Let me know what you think.

Happy gaming,


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