I know this is 2 days early, but the contest is also a few weeks late!  Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the Old Skool Games Content Submission Contest is underway!

The contest will run for the entire month of February, with the submissions deadline being February 28, 2013.  Make sure you visit the Content Submission Contest FAQ page, and learn all about the Rules as well as the detailed description of the  fabulous prizes we will be awarding for 1st and 2nd place!  In the mean time here is a brief summary of the prizes.

1st Place Prize: The Humble THQ Bundle  (Games + Soundtracks)
2nd Place Prize: The Humble Indie Bundle 7  (DRM Free Games + Soundtracks + 1 Movie)

Make sure and visit the Content Submission Contest FAQ page to go over the rules of the contest, and get a full description of the prize packages!

Good luck!

Hi everyone!

The Archives section is now back on the site, and available from the main navigation menu.  Remember, this is where you go to find all the previous issues of Old Skool Games listed for download!

You may also have noticed the Register / Login  Status  information I added to the main menu bar,  which will take you to a page where you can choose to  Register for an account to write comments, or if you have one already, login to the site.  If you are already logged in, then it will also let you click to logout, if you should like.

I will also be making an announcement a little later on Friday, or Saturday, about the upcoming content/review submission Contest that will kick-off soon.

Well, it was kind of a headache,  the migration from my local server to the web server didn’t quite go as planned.   Aside from a few cosmetic issues,  the site should be functional, though.  I will work on getting the rest cleaned up as soon as I can, but for now here are some temporary download links for previous Issues of Old Skool Games:

I modified the post date for Issue #5 to be in line with its actual publication date, circa 2007,  as that is what the date listed in the sidebar is meant to reflect.  As a consequence, its position in the post list is now properly reflected below this one.  I will be announcing the launch of a contest within the next 7 days or so,  including what it is for and what the rules are for entry.

I am also working to get the Issue Archives page set up, as soon as I can get it looking how I would like, in the mean time use the links above!  I also encourage new & long time readers alike, to register and let me know what you think of the new site!  Comments are moderated, but once you’ve had an approved post you won’t need further approval.


Issue #5 is our latest issue available, so in order to get the sidebar to display properly, I had to make a post just for this issue, I hope #5 appreciates this!

Issue #5
Issue #5
Old Skool Games - Issue #5.zip
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