March 9, 2020

“Kenny wasn’t like the other kids.
TV mattered, nothing else did.
The girls said "yes," but he said "Noooooo"
Now he's got his own game show!”

It’s his basement, his rules, and his game show. The quizmaster of 72 Whooping Cough Lane, Ken Ober!

Remote Control was a TV...

March 3, 2020

Spy vs. Spy is a two-player, split-screen game, based on Mad magazine's long-running cartoon strip about the slapstick antics of two spies trying to kill each other with improbably elaborate traps and weapons. ⁣

The object of the game is to collect various secret ite...

February 21, 2020

Did you know Yuppies in the 1980s had their own video game?

Released in 1989 for the NES, the Wall Street Kid must prove himself worthy of a $600 BILLION DOLLAR inheritance by taking $500,000 in seed money and turning it into $1M.

The Wall Street Kid does this by inv...

February 20, 2020

Total Recall was released in 1990 and 1991, by Ocean Software for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In a tie-in with the NES game, the August 1990 issue of Nintendo Power promoted Total Recall with the Rekall slogan o...

February 17, 2020

Released for the NES on March 29, 1991, Totally Rad follows the story of Jake, an apprentice magician working for Zebediah Pong. ⁣

He is training when some strange people attack and kidnap his girlfriend, Allison. ⁣

Jake goes on a quest to find out where they came...

February 11, 2020

Happy Belated Birthday, Mario Kart 64!

Released February 10, 1997.

Here are few random facts about the beloved game.

Bananas are avoidable hazards: I’s possible to prevent spin-outs? If you hear your wheels start to squeak, use the brake (B Button) to negate the sli...

February 11, 2020

Bad Street Brawler was released for the Commodore 64, MS-DOS, and the NES.⁣ ⁣⁣

The NES version was one of only two NES games specifically designed for use with Mattel's Power Glove.⁣⁣
The player plays the character Duke Davis, who goes from stage to stage beating u...

January 30, 2019

Hey everyone! We've just published a firmware update for our PROmini controller line addressing the NFC functionality on our site.

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