I recently received "Classic Game Room", a DVD about a video game review show that used to be on the Internet, back when things were really booming. I definitely remember the streaming technology back then, the tiny square window of low resolution picture that you had to buffer, and buffer... Buffer some more... Alas, that truly was the state of Internet media back then. However, that didn't stop two guys, Mark Bussler and David Crosson, from starting up a review show that reviewed games they wanted to see, and not what some gaming PR firm wanted the public to see.

It's a time honored, noble concept if I might say so myself. It somewhat harkens back to the creation of Old Skool Games and the way that I wanted reviews done too. I suppose the only difference between OSG & these guys, is that I publish print, and I'm not nearly as ballsy with my attempts at humor. Plus they just look better doing it.

The DVD comes in a pretty standard case, but personally I like the giant squirrel with laser beam eyes, that is printed on the DVD cover. I've been told this DVD is meant to be somewhat of a mockumentary styled look back at the show, and indeed it does possess those elements; however I think it is at most, a nolstagiac look back at the fun times of two guys from the early days of the Internet. It could be that I don't know what one of supposed to look like (having never seen one), but it is not really a big issue either; it's only a category.

Highlighted on the DVD are some of their favorite review segments from the show, along with some restrospective commentary. I'd actually never seen Classic Game Room, so it was an interesting experience for sure, but I don't think I will ever forget the Duck Hunt review for as long as I live. These guys were pretty funny, even though I did find myself rolling my eyes at some of the material, it was pretty dead on overall. From the somewhat interesting "public service announcement" (what else can you call it?) about drunk driving, to their colorful opinions on Joust, to their "on location" reports, these guys are going to keep you chuckling.

car crash

I honestly wanted to write a lot more about this DVD, but the product really speaks for itself. You get to see the best of the show, and learn a little bit about the people behind it, along with lots of other miscellaneous information fans are bound to find interesting. The real treat here isn't really the content added through the documentary process, but simply sitting back and watching old clips from the original show material. You'll laugh, you might even cry, but you'll undoutedly walk away with a smile on your face. The DVD is also loaded with some cool behind-the-scenes extras on what went into making the show, which showcases some of the hardware used, and there is also a commentary track. This is definitely worth at least picking up to watch with some old gaming buddies from years past.