So, you are interested in writing content for OSG? Great!
But there are a few things you should know first.

Bring Your Own Toys:

Old Skool Games is not in the piracy business. If you do not have the proper hardware setup to play a game on actual hardware, and capture native resolution screen shots, then you are responsible for whatever alternative method you use to play the game and obtain your images. We will not provide Emulators &/or ROMS. SO DON’T ASK.

Good Writing = Good Content:

We understand that not everyone is Shakespeare. However, Old Skool Games is written in and intended for primary consumption by a North American, English audience. We welcome all readers from around the world as well as contributors, but you must have a good grasp of the English language. You must also be able to connect with your readers, so this means your personality should show through in your work. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Be Serious:

What does that mean, exactly? What we mean when we say be serious, is to treat your review with the utmost professional consideration. You aren’t writing a paragraph in the comment box of some gaming web site, or on some gaming forum, you are writing a review that others will read because they want to be informed about what the game experience was like; they want to know what’s good about it, what its flaws are, and how that translated into the gaming experience you had. They might even want to know your personal opinion — so be professional about it and don’t try to submit 3 – 4 sentences. If you can get away with it, we’d rather read 3 – 4 paragraphs which we can edit down if needed.

Screen Shot Requirements:

Video games are a visual medium, this means users expect to see what the game being reviewed looks like (or in the case of an article, informative images related to the subject). There are rules however, and these rules are mandatory. If you do not comply with the rules your work may be rejected, and you will be asked to re-submit your images at the appropriate specifications. If you cannot produce compliant screen shots your work might still be published, but you will not receive full credit of authorship for the review.

  • Native Resolution of the game console
  • NO image filtering (FPS counters, scanlines, 2xsai, etc)
  • Must be in either PNG or BMP format. BMP files should be submitted in compressed archive
  • The submitted Set must contain an image of the game Title Screen

In most cases the default output of most respectable Emulators, will output without image filtering applied and in the native resolution of the console, as well as in either PNG or BMP format, so this should not be a hard spec to follow. DO NOT submit resized/downscaled images to “fake” native console resolution. Finally, we ask that you submit an ample number of screens even if you know they will not all be used. Having a number of unique images to choose from really helps with formatting and picking the best images to include in the review. You may also include a note if you wish to have one or two particular images strongly considered for inclusion in the published work.

O.K – What Now?

That pretty much covers all the basics. Ongoing details are usually handled with back and forth communication between the writer and the editor. All that is left now is to tell you how to submit your review! There is an e-mail link at the bottom of this page which you can use to submit your work to Old Skool Games, but first you should read the following submission guidelines:

  1. Work should be submitted in a .ZIP, .RAR, or .7z format.
  2. Review text and screen shots must be kept separate from each other. All text should be in it’s own document (MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Open Office)
  3. If you are submitting Bitmap (.BMP) format screen shots, use maximum compression when you create your archive

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