Old Skool Games (OSG from hereon) is an electronically published Magazine, or “e-zine”, distributed in PDF format. It actually started out as a web site many, many years ago and has since grown into something of a different project than what was originally intended. The basic idea behind the Magazine is to catalog and archive what it was like to play games before the advent of 3D Accelerator technology, from the viewpoint of those who experienced it (i.e – you). Almost anyone can contribute content to OSG for publication in future issues; but of course you should have some basic writing skills at the very least, and be familiar with American English, the native language OSG is published in.

The a several core tenants behind the philosophy of Old Skool Games:

It is free:
For as long as it can be helped, you will never have to pay to download a copy of the latest issue. But it also works in reverse, and you should not expect to be paid for content submissions. Passionate, dedicated people do not “do it for the money”. This site exists because I choose to allow it to, by paying for the Web Hosting costs and Domain registration fee every year. You may see a banner or two, or a text link here or there, but that is the extent of it. I don’t make money from OSG and nobody else should expect to either.

By the Community, for the Community:
OSG is written primarily by myself, and as of the creation of this page (circa 2012) it has seen very few issues published, with several years since the last. This project relies on passionate dedicated individuals who want to share the memories of their childhood, and preserve an age long past in gaming history for others to enjoy through reading. It only takes a couple hours a month to contribute 1 or more reviews – so think about it!

Finally – We DON’T do that here:
At OSG we do not believe in rating games based on any kind of scoring system. We have no personal prejudice against them or the review sites who use them; they do after all, have their own place in the world. But OSG is not about playing a game for a few hours, writing up a paragraph “or two if you’re lucky” and then slapping a 1 – 10 score on it. We believe that our writers’ opinions matter and that our readers are intelligent people, who want to read a truly in-depth look at what it was like to experience playing the game being reviewed. Sometimes this does not always lend itself to the reviewing format, because a game may just suck so horribly bad that you can’t write much about it, or sometimes it may just be difficult to find anything that stood out, to actually write about. But we do not believe putting scores on games encourages anyone to actually read a review. Perhaps they will just skim over it, and look for a score? That isn’t what we are about.

So sit back, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and join us!