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If you are out there — thank you!
With that out of the way, I would like to take a moment to announce one of the new changes that will affect you as a patron of our fine (heh) magazine. For many years now, Old Skool Games (OSG) has been designed and exported with Adobe products, however we are slowly moving away from this for several reasons. There has been a seven (7!) year gap between new issues, and one of the problems that came with this, is that I, your humble editor, had forgotten many of the things I learned through using Adobe’s Indesign software.

Because I chose to simultaneously undergo a design revision and learn new software, I did not want to spend a lot of time re-learning everything and I needed a solution, so I chose a much more easier to use suite, and things are going quite swimmingly. There are minor headaches in everything but progress has been made, and Indesign is no longer a part of OSG. Unfortunately this also lead to the discovery that Adobe Acrobat, the venerable “Proof of design as intended to be seen”, has problems of its own and does not play nicely with PDF output from other, non-Adobe products. Whether by malicious corporate design or by shoddy project management a number of rendering bugs exist within Acrobat; They are mostly cosmetic and appear limited to PC viewing (printed work comes out fine), nevertheless I found myself having to abandon it as well.

Going forward, OSG will be designed for and intended to be viewed with PDF-XChange Viewer & PDF-XChange Editor software, by Tracker Software Products. I chose PDF-XChange because the software is available freely to anyone who wishes to use it to view PDF files, the format that OSG is distributed in. PDF-XChange Viewer has, at this time, been superseded by PDF-XChange Editor. From what I understand the main difference is Editor contains useable “trial” features of the PRO version of PDF-XChange, however you should be able to use the Viewer Edition just as easily. I will also try to maintain compatibility with other PDF Readers that are out there, but we can only guarantee that OSG looks as it was intended on PDF-XChange. The software is very light and fast from what I have seen, and I have every confidence it will provide a pleasant viewing experience.

I will likely publish an Editorial in the upcoming new issue that goes in to more detail on why I have made this decision, but for now I would like to thank everyone who has continued reading and supporting the site over the years. I truly hope this is the start of a new wave of regular publication intervals and I am always accepting applications from prospective writers who can submit quality work in their free time. If you are a good writer and you love retro gaming, this is the perfect chance for you to share your thoughts with the world.

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